dom4j 1.6.1 API

Core Developer API
org.dom4j Defines the XML Document Object Model in Java interfaces together with some helper classes. Provides input and output via SAX and DOM together with writing dom4j objects to streams as XML text.


Utility classes
org.dom4j.util A collection of utility classes for the dom4j API.


XRule engine for declarative XSLT style processing
org.dom4j.rule A Pattern based XML rule engine which implements the full XSLT processing model while allowing any Action to be fired if a pattern matches.


Alternative dom4j implementations
org.dom4j.bean An implementation of the dom4j API which allows JavaBeans to be used to store and retrieve attribute values from Element.
org.dom4j.datatype An implementation of the dom4j API which supports the XML Schema Data Types specification.
org.dom4j.dom An implementation of the dom4j API which also supports the W3C object model.


Swing helper classes
org.dom4j.swing A collection of adapters to allow easy integration with dom4j XML documents and Swing such as TreeModels and TableModels.


Implementation classes
org.dom4j.dtd Classes to represent the DTD declarations.
org.dom4j.tree Contains the default implementations of the dom4j Document Object Model together with some helpful base classes for those wishing to implement their own document object model.
org.dom4j.xpath Provides the core tools needed to use the XPath library
org.dom4j.xpp Provides implementation classes to cleanly integrate dom4j with the XML Pull Parser XPP


Other Packages


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